Cornerstone Credit Union will be awarding three-$1,000 scholarships totaling $3,000 to members of Cornerstone that are pursuing post-secondary education. Winners will be chosen based on criteria including academic achievements, recommendations, leadership; and extra-curricular activities including school and community activities, volunteer work and job experience.

1. The applicant must have his/her own account and be a member in good standing with Cornerstone Credit Union.
    • If you’re not a member – why not?! Sign up for a membership today at your local branch or call
      1-855-875-2255 to speak with our Contact Centre.

2. The applicant must be graduating and furthering his/her education in a post-secondary institution within the same calendar year.
    • Qualifying post-secondary institutions are any Canadian University, Institute of Applied 
     Science and Technology, and/or Business College. Preference will be given to students
     registering in Saskatchewan Institutions unless the course is not available in Saskatchewan.
    •Proof of acceptance into a post-secondary institution will be required prior to scholarship
    •Proof of enrolment must be provided by December 31, 2018 to receive scholarship funding.

3. The applicant will be evaluated based on the following categories.
    • Volunteer work/job experience
    • Extracurricular activities and/or community involvement
    • Academics

4. The following must be included in your scholarship package submission or your application will be considered incomplete. Transcripts and references may be mailed in separately as needed.
    •Completed and signed scholarship application.
    •Official transcript of Grade 10, 11, and most recent semester of Grade 12.
    •A current resume and letter of reference. Letter of reference can be either from a high school
     teacher or from place of employment or volunteer related experience.

Application Deadline:
Applications must be submitted online or postmarked by April 15, 2018. Applications should be submitted by one of the following methods.

By Mail: 
Cornerstone Credit Union
64 Broadway St E
Yorkton SK S3N 0K7
Attention: CCU High School Financial Scholarship

By email:

By online submission:
Use the entry form on the lower section of this page.

To download the application in PDF format: CLICK HERE

Awarding of Scholarships
Decisions will be made by the Cornerstone Scholarship Committee. All scholarship decisions will be made by May 1, 2018. All applicants will be notified by June 30, 2018.

Email or call 1-855-875-2255.


Official transcripts of Grade 10, 11 and most recent of grade 12 year:

*Please scan transcripts into a single PDF, or ZIP into a single file for upload.

If commencement date is not within 6 months of date of graduation from high school, please explain why:

Applicants are asked to provide a written response or video submission to the following questions. The format is at the discretion of the applicant - it can be in writing, or by video. Applicants should be thorough, but concise, in their responses.

1. Describe the activities that you have been involved in (eg. school, community, extra-curricular, employment, volunteer, etc.). What have you learned from those activities?

2. Provide any other pertinent information about yourself including awards you have received, accomplishments you are proud of, unique skills you possess, etc.

3. Describe your career aspirations upon graduation from your chosen field of studies.

4. Attach a current resume and a letter of reference.

Do you confirm that all information included in this application is complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge?