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You can submit up to 3 photos with each form

Please resize your photos before uploading them. We only accept jpg files.
It is best if you consider that the photos will be printed at roughly 8" x 10". Typically, an 8x10 at 300ppi should be at least a 2400x3000 pixel file. The maximum size for each file is 4 megabytes (4096kb).

These will take time to upload, even with a high speed connection so please make sure that you see the "Thank You" page before you close your browser.





In the event that my photo(s) are selected, I hereby authorize and consent that Cornerstone Credit Union shall have the absolute right to reproduce, crop, enhance, enlarge and publish the submitted photo(s) in their next calendar. I hereby verify that I am the owner of the enclosed/attached photograph entered in the calendar contest. Click to authorize and your photos will be uploaded:

Note: Large pictures take time to upload.
Please wait until you see the "Thank You" page before you close the browser.





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